Create Delivery Runsheet


Service To create DRS
Service Unique Name CreateDeliveryRunsheet
Request Method POST


Used to create DRS

Request Body

These are params:

  • waybillNumber: [Required]
  • deliveryPerson [Required either vendor code or delivery person]
  • vendorCode: [Required either vendor code or delivery person]
  • Remarks:[Optional]
  • startOdometer:[Optional]
  • contactlessDelivery: [Optional]
  • temperatureType:[Required if contactLessDelivery is true]
  • driverTemperature:[Required if contactLessDelivery is true]
  • Otp : [Optional]

Request Parameters

Parameter Data Type Compulsory/Optional Description
SecureKey Compulsory Unique key for accessing the API
deliveryPerson Compulsory Required either vendor code or delivery person
vendorCode Compulsory Required either vendor code or delivery person
Remarks Optional text field - description about DRS
startOdometer decimal field - odometer start reading
contactlessDelivery boolean field
temperatureType (required if contactLessDelivery is true) possible values are Celsius,Fahrenheit
driverTemperature required if contactLessDelivery is true
otp Optional


"deliveryRunsheetNumber": "GLPL/DC/2022/306",
"message": "Delivery run sheet created successfully",
"messageType": "Success"


  • Only POST request is supported,
  • Waybill numbers missing,
  • Select either delivery person or vendor,
  • Temperature must not empty,
  • Failed to create delivery run sheet,
  • Invalid delivery person details,
  • Invalid vendor details,
  • Delivery person or vendor missing,
  • Invalid waybill numbers,
  • Invalid waybills delivery run sheet can not be created for : GHXX12, GHXX13

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